His Classmates Called Him “Rabbit Boy” – But Wait Till You See Him Now

Bullying is never appropriate, whether it is directed at a child at school or an adult in the workplace. Evan Hill from New Zealand had a difficult childhood as he was ridiculed and bullied for his unusually large front teeth. He was teased by bullies because of the appearance of his teeth. Because his two front teeth were so protruding, people called him “Bunny Boy.” His huge front teeth caused him to be teased and harassed, but also caused negative health consequences.

Among other things, he had difficulty closing his mouth completely. Since Evan’s parents couldn’t afford the surgery he needed, they were unable to help their son. Then an article about Evan’s teeth was published in a magazine. The story moved many people. The people of his hometown and across the country showed their enthusiastic support for him. The love for Evan was so great that total strangers started a GoFundMe to help him pay for the life-changing surgery he so desperately needed. “I don’t know where we would have been today without the generosity,” Evan’s mother told Newshub. It had been five years since Evan’s ordeal first made headlines, but now the moment had arrived.

Private donations from hundreds of complete strangers provided all of the funding for the process. The remainder was donated to a charity to provide dental care to other disadvantaged children. After his surgery, Evan was able to show his teeth and grin without feeling embarrassed. See him as he is now in the video below! No one should ever be teased about their looks, but I’m glad Evan was able to get the plastic surgery he wanted. When individuals come together to help each other, amazing things can be achieved, as this story shows.

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