This young girl lifted her dress during the “Miss Italy” pageant and everyone was shocked
An incident took place in Italy, during the “Miss Italy 2018” pageant that shocked everyone. Chiara Bordi, an eighteen-year-old beauty pageant contestant, surprised everyone who was present at
A short man married and became a father: this is their family now
It is a story of unlikely relationships. And that proves that true love exists. This short young man is 110 centimeters tall. James Lusted is 34 years old and lives
Woman stole 5 eggs to feed her children: watch what happened next
The events of this touching story took place in Tarrant, a city in Alabama, United States. The central character of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, Jean Valjean, was
The man dug a tunnel every night in secret from his wife to go drink beer
An Irishman named Patsy loved his wife. But when the latter slept, the man left their bedroom and went somewhere. His wife suffered from insomnia and in order to
This Teacher Teaches Students Anatomy While Wearing A Costume That Shows The Human Body In Detail
We often remember our teachers who taught us in a special way in order to give us deep knowledge. Here is an exceptional teacher, Verónica Duque, a perfect
A Newborn Was Thrown Into The Trash And This Clever Dog Saved Him
Max was a stray of the mongrel breed, but he was very intelligent, friendly and lively. An incredible story happened with him. One day, in a poor part of
The camera captured a woman who had come to the forest to cunningly abandon her dog
There are many heart-warming stories between animals and people. Unfortunately, there are those who talk about animal cruelty. A park surveillance camera captured ruthless scenes between a heartless woman
The horse Valéry was stolen and mistreated but finally he was recovered and currently lives with his friend
When this horse was born, Christophe was sixteen years old. He named him Valery. After the birth of the foal, unfortunately the adult mare left this world. Christophe took care
“It touched my soul”, Vin Diesel very moved by the presence of Meadow Walker in Fast X
Currently in theaters, Fast X introduced a character played by Paul Walker’s daughter. Despite his short appearance in the film, it was enough to move the colossus Vin
By surprise, he asks his little brother with trisomy 21 to be his wedding best man
Will Claussen is getting married. He wishes to have his brother with Down syndrome to accompany him and be his best man at his wedding. Will’s request is