The owner slept in the veterinary clinic to be with Piratik for the last hours
This amazing story happened very recently. Late in the evening I got a call from Tanya, who became the mistress of one of my wards, Pirate, an elderly
On her 101st birthday, her grandmother asked the children to bring her the oldest cat from the shelter
19-year-old cat Gus lived in a shelter for a long time. The employees no longer hoped to find a new family for such an elderly pet, they were
A blind stray kitten was taken care of by a caring mother dog
This story happened in the States. A woman came to her relative’s house to help her finish the renovation. While working, the woman heard a squeak that came
The dog was thrown out of the car with the puppies in a snowstorm, and she tried to climb back
It was a cold January outside. Lesya and her little puppies were pulled out of the car and left on the side of the road near the Kursk
The owners left a puppy in the park with a sad note
Now this dog has a chance to find a family that will never betray her. The puppy was lying on a bench in one of the parks in
A cat escapes from its transport cage and finds itself trapped under the rails of the metro
Edgar worried his masters for long hours. Left to himself in the underground rails of Philadelphia, the feline will provoke a strong mobilization, but he will fortunately experience
A look that conveys all the pain and grief: the dog realized that he had been betrayed and abandoned
As soon as this video appeared on the network, it immediately became viral. In commenting under the video, many wrote that they cried while watching. The video was
For 15 years, this blackened cat has lived in a railway maintenance workshop and would not leave it for the world
Dirt was born amidst soot and sludge, and it’s been there all its life. The railway workshop is his home and he has no intention of leaving it.
While walking, the man noticed a skinny dog in the forest, all curled up and lonely
The thin dog lay in the forest and did not move, as if he was waiting for someone. When the man approached him, the dog did not even
I began to feed the street dog, and he began to pay me back
When I was growing up, there were several stray dogs in our yard and they were all terribly mean. I grew up with the desire to feed all