She is 58 years old, he is 62. What do the actors from “The Blue Lagoon” look like 43 years later?

The cult film directed by Randal Kleiser was released in 1980. The young actors immediately captured the hearts of the audience. Young model and actress Brooke Shields gained popularity and the love of millions of fans thanks to this film. It’s hard to believe, but Brooke recently celebrated her 58th birthday.

Her beauty partner on the set was 62 years old. We decided to show you how Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields have changed in 43 years. “Brooke has aged beautifully. I wouldn’t have guessed she’s 40.”

They look wonderful,” “Atkins has visibly aged, and Shields is holding up thanks to plastic surgery,” “Brooke has had so much plastic surgery that she probably doesn’t remember what she looked like 43 years ago,” “Enchanting.”

The best love movie of all time,” wrote internet users in the comments under the photos of Atkins and Shields. Discover them in the comments below this post.

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