“Why does she want to have more children?”: A mother of 19 shared the reason for having many children!

“Why does she want to have more children?”: A mother of 19 shared the reason for having many children!
In a story that challenges traditional views of family size, Desiree Hart-Spegal, 35, of Fort Worth, Texas, and her husband, Christopher “Chris” Hart-Spegal, 42, live a unique love story that began in October 2013. Their journey quickly evolved from friendship to marriage in July 2014, and now they maintain a busy household with 19 children.

Their family, a mix of Desiree and Chris’ children from previous relationships and their children together, spans a diverse age range. Desiree’s children from previous relationships are Maliki, 18, Makaila, 17, and Andrew, 10. Chris brought eight children into their union, including Skyler, 21, and Gavin, 20. Together they have eight children, with the youngest, Zeke, is just six months old.

The couple, who own a successful car dealership together, not only share a business but also the dream of expanding their already large family. In a six-bedroom house, they have managed to create a loving environment for their 19 children, with a potential twentieth child on the horizon to balance the gender ratio in their household.

Desiree, undaunted by the challenges of a large family, has developed an efficient system to manage her daily life, from meal strategies to clean-up routines. Although they thought their family was complete after their nineteenth child, the couple was thrilled to discover they were expecting another child, with baby Zeke arriving in June 2023, making this year’s Christmas even more special with a new family member .

The family’s Christmas budget was generous, with £6,000 ($7,600) spent on gifts and a lavish Christmas dinner to ensure everyone had a memorable time.

Desiree is proud of her mothering skills and emphasizes the importance of organization in managing a household of this size. The possibility of expanding her family even further is open to her, with indications of another pregnancy in the near future.

Chris appreciates the unique personalities within her family and finds joy in watching her children grow and develop.

The Hart-Spegal family’s journey has been shared on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where they have captivated audiences with their heartfelt and entertaining content, including a playful request from Chris and the kids to Desiree about expanding their family rethink.

Her story offers a glimpse into a life full of love, laughter and occasional chaos for a large family and shows the beauty of her unconventional path.

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