A woman accidentally ate a potato chip worth 113,000 euros

In England, a woman ate a heart-shaped crisp. Amused by the shape of her food, she only learned later that this crisp could have brought her 113,000 euros.

A few days ago, the manufacturer of Walkers brand crisps created an original contest. Until March, participants must find the best heart -shaped chips in their package. An unusual contest that offers a great reward, since the person who has the most perfect chips will receive the sum of 100,000 pounds, or 113,000 euros.

Although the contest received a lot of coverage on the brand’s social networks, not all Britons have heard of it. This is the case of Dawn Sagar, a woman who works in a supermarket, who ate a chip that could have enabled her to win.

She eats a 113,000 euro crisp
While working, Dawn Sagar got a bit peckish and decided to eat these famous crisps. In her package, she found a heart-shaped chip. Amused by its perfectly symmetrical shape, she took a photo of her food to show it to her friends.

The latter, who knew the competition, immediately told him not to eat it and alert the Walkers brand. However, it was already too late: Dawn Sagar had already eaten his precious find. After the shock, the young woman quickly put things into perspective.

“It’s not the end of the world, is it?” It could have made my life a little happier, but I don’t have the money so it doesn’t make a difference. It doesn’t matter,” she said.

This mistake served as a lesson to her because now she warns everyone she sees buying these chips.

“Every time I serve someone a packet of Walkers, I tell them to check for a heart-shaped chip and tell them not to eat it , ” she explained.

People who want to enter the contest still have February and March to find the perfect chip, which leaves time for Dawn Sagar to try her luck again.

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