In this beautiful and symbolic shot , a tigress snuggles up against a tree in a magnificent embrace

Focus today on a shot rewarded for its beauty but also and above all the symbol it represents.

It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing you will see today!

As every year since 1964, the prestigious photography competition called “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” rewards the most beautiful shots that highlight the wild beauty of nature.

And once again, the 2020 vintage was exceptional!

A tigress hugging a tree, a cliché that looks like an allegory of nature
If, as usual, the jury will make as many happy as disappointed, no one will blame it on the other hand for the choice of the winner of the animal category, which is unanimous.

And for good reason, the winner Sergey Gorshkov signs a remarkable shot that he owes as much to the luck of having found himself in the right place at the right time as to his talents as a photographer.

In this photo as beautiful as it is touching, a tigress rubs against the bark of a tree that she seems to embrace.

A perfect allegory of this threatened nature that we must preserve!

If the reality of the scene turns out to be less poetic – the animal first of all rubs against the tree to leave its scent there and thus mark its territory – the symbolism that emanates from it remains nonetheless extremely strong.

The shot was immortalized in one of Russia’s countless isolated forests, located in the Land of the Leopard National Park, on the borders of Siberia.

And when you look at it, you understand why this photograph was acclaimed by the members of the jury, so strong and topical is the symbol that emanates from it.

Fauna and flora should not be our enemies.

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