A cat trapped in a cinder block wall sees the end of his nightmare with the arrival of firefighters
Stuck in a wall, a cat meowed in despair and waited for help. A person noticed it and reacted quickly, before being supported by the firefighters. A cat
Dog that fell into river risked hypothermia, firefighters responded urgently
Passers-by who saw a dog in great distress after falling into a river quickly called the emergency services. Firefighters deployed a large device to save the animal, which
A kitten found wandering in an industrial area: an association is now looking for the other members of its family
This baby cat, just 5 weeks old, would still need the affection of his mother as well as that of his brothers and sisters. But he was discovered
5-Week-Old Chihuahua Dumped In Downtown Trash Due To Health Issues
It is a very heartbreaking discovery that we made at the end of September on a busy street in London. A puppy in poor condition had been sealed
After a complicated start to life and a failed adoption, this young dog is desperately waiting to meet his new owners
Big Patch was handed over to an association following the death of its owner who continually kept him on a tiny patio. So he hadn’t seen much of
A frightened and lost kitten in front of a school calms down in the arms of a little girl who sings him a song
This woman and her daughter did not expect such a discovery when they left school. A poor kitten ran through traffic risking her life. Fortunately, he was rescued
A policewoman helps a motorist free a cat stuck in his engine and falls under the spell of the feline
In Italy, a motorist realized he had a cat stuck under the hood of his car. Unable to bring it out, he sought the help of the police.
This abandoned cat found refuge just in time to give birth to her young in good conditions
This poor kitty named Smokey was abandoned by her previous owners when they moved. Fortunately, a neighbor took over, but the latter noticed that the cat’s belly was
After spending more than 1,200 days at the shelter, Cami finally knows happiness
Disadvantaged by her race, her appearance and some problems of cohabitation with her congeners of the same sex, Cami the dog was constantly ignored by people who came
A cat disappears and spends 3 weeks in a recycling center, before resurfacing to everyone’s surprise
The escape of a cat had led him into the maze of a recycling center, where family and employees tried in vain to find him for 3 long