99-year-old Betty White shares a moment with the brown bear Titan
Although she just celebrated her 99th birthday, legendary Betty White seems more powerful and happier than ever. There are also some common teen tasks to show everyone that
This chicken is a pianist. People are extremely surprised (video)
Throughout antiquity, people have mastered the art of training various animals. No one looks out of the ordinary when cats or dogs perform many commands and activities. Animals have
A family was surprised to find a pregnant cat in their house, she had taken refuge there to give birth
A month ago, a female cat entered a family’s home in Texas. Pregnant, the female was looking for a safe place to give birth to her litter. A
An African vulture threatened with extinction has been seen in Aveyron, an exceptional phenomenon!
As incredible as it may seem, a vulture threatened with extinction has been seen in the Tarn gorges (Occitanie). Its presence is extremely rare in Europe. You may
Canada: discovery of a baby mammoth that lived more than 30,000 years ago
A baby mammoth that lived more than 30,000 years ago has been discovered in Yukon, Canada , and experts say it’s “the most comprehensive discovery” ever made in
An albino Galápagos giant tortoise was born in a zoo in Switzerland, a world first
In Switzerland, a giant Galápagos tortoise was born in a zoo. The turtle has an exceptional particularity since it is albino, which makes this birth a world first.
In this beautiful and symbolic shot , a tigress snuggles up against a tree in a magnificent embrace
Focus today on a shot rewarded for its beauty but also and above all the symbol it represents. It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing you
CCTV camera captures a pack of wolves posing majestically
It’s hard enough for an experienced photographer to immortalize an animal posing, so capturing a whole family in front of the lens is an incredible opportunity. It did,
A new sea monster “unusually large fangs” was discovered recently
South African palaeontologists have unveiled the discovery of a fossil of a new species of prehistoric fish of the genus Hyneria. We usually think of sharks when we
A 6-meter-long shark was caught in Australia, the images are impressive
The photo of this impressively large shark has been shared on social networks. It was discovered by a man while fishing in Australia. It almost feels like the