This woman’s hug immediately made the deeply scarred dog fall in love

When dogs and other animals arrive at the shelter after being abused or neglected, they sometimes do not survive due to injury or exhaustion.

When the animals suffered a horrific hurricane on the Atlantic coast, rescuers picked up these shipwrecked beings to put them in shelters.

Shelters were prepared, cleaned and painted to accommodate the affected animals that were being evacuated.

At the shelter there was a sweet and friendly dog ​​who was brought here following the horror.

Despite his old scars, as well as new wounds that covered his face and body, he was handsome and admirable.

They said he had been through hell, but his sad eyes were soft and warm.

We called him Nemo. He was lucky enough to be adopted by a good family and received a warm welcome.

While visiting the shelter and meeting Nemo, the young woman called Marie fell in love with him.

It was mutual love. The dog loved cuddles and enjoyed being rocked like a baby.

He especially loved Marie’s little girls. When the little ones were playing in the yard, the dog watched them all the time and accompanied them everywhere.

This sweetness between the dog and its owners seemed boundless.

How wonderful to save someone, to love them and to care for them, even if they are not human beings.

In Nemo’s eyes, we see infinite recognition.

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