‘Too pretty to do her job’, this woman attracts attention and everyone keeps approaching her every day

So yes, “ beauty is in the eye of the beholder ”. For her part, Jodie Leigh attracts all eyes to her workplace. His job ? Bus driver. And the least we can say is that his physique leaves no one indifferent.

Jodie Leigh is a bus driver based in Essex, a county located northeast of London (England). The one who has an unusual job for a woman is constantly approached by passengers. The reason ? Her eye-catching beauty.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the young woman explains that she worked as a caregiver before becoming a bus driver: ” When I left my job as a caregiver, I realized that I had always been intrigued by bus driving. Whenever I took the bus, I always sat at the front, near the driver ”.

In order to obtain her diploma, the latter passed several entrance examinations. Once this step was completed, Jodie Leigh took specialized driving lessons. Today, the Briton is a fulfilled employee and happy to go to work.

However, she did not expect to receive a lot of comments about her physique. According to her, some male passengers do not hesitate to approach her to pay her compliments such as “ You are really lovely ” or “ I have never seen such a beautiful woman driving a bus ”. She also receives positive comments on her nails, her makeup or her hair from women.

As the information site specifies, Jodie Leigh shares behind the scenes of her job on Instagram, and her daily life interests more than 50,000 subscribers. We learn in particular that the young woman has few female colleagues of her age.

” I made a few friends at the depot, but most of the time I just drop off my card and leave right after my round .” Through her publications, she wishes to sweep away the prejudices concerning her profession.

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