A group of young people transform the dilapidated stairwells of their HLM and the result is incredible

In Gisors, a town located in the department of Eure, young people from a working-class neighborhood have set themselves the task of renovating the dilapidated stairwells of their public housing buildings.

While the Sun seems to have abandoned Paris and its suburbs, the interior designer and graffiti artist named graffdeco75 on Instagram, dresses the dilapidated stairwells of his HLM building in bright colors.

Indeed, the young man and six other friends decided to repaint the halls of their city located in the Bornes district, in Gisors (Eure). Armed with their brushes and their paint bombs, the artist and his acolytes created mural frescoes representing birds.

“ It had been 40 years since there had been a painting. It was flaking, there were traces of water. It was really filthy. We were hot, there were six of us, we started (…)”, explained the 28-year-old project manager to AJ +.

Before adding: “ On the first action, everything was financed out of our pocket. We did a collection. We bought paint, tape, tarpaulins… Everything we needed ”.

And the least we can say is that the transformation is breathtaking, as demonstrated by the images filmed by the online media.

Through this initiative, Graffdeco75 aims to improve the well-being of residents. The one who is also known under the pseudonym of “ledessinateur2piaf” on TikTok shared a video of his project on the Chinese social network.

Unsurprisingly, the clip quickly went viral, garnering more than 52 million views since its publication. Result: “ the lessor would like to do other cities ”.
As reported by the POSITVR site, the HLM office will finance the renovation of eleven other stairwells in different buildings. This financial boost, obtained thanks to the mobilization of the inhabitants of the district, will allow the collective to demonstrate (once again) the extent of its talents.

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