A humpback whale was surrounded and devoured by 60 sharks

The carcass of a dead humpback whale in the Indian Ocean has attracted a horde of sharks ready to make short work of it. The impressive sight was captured by two tourists.

Even if the image is particularly impressive, it is not uncommon for a group of sharks to surround a whale before devouring it. What is rare, however, are the images capturing this common event in the marine environment.

John Cloke and Indy Crimmins, two tourists visiting the town of Albany, Western Australia , had just finished their early morning fishing when they spotted ” this big thing floating in the water with birds around “. they told local media ABC News .

From their boat moored off Norman’s Beach , the couple watched from afar before John sent in his drone to get a better look at what was going on there.

A humpback whale , 15 meters long, floated lifelessly in the middle of the ocean. The stupor then set in when John and Indy noticed that a group of about sixty sharks surrounded the cetacean.

Eventually, this prey in full view of predators attracted even more sharks . “ At any given time, there are probably around 100 sharks around the carcass. We couldn’t count them all ,” John said.

Faced with this rare spectacle in the eyes of humans, John published the video captured by his drone on Instagram where Internet users could not believe their eyes.

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