She became a mother at 57: the amazing life story of a brave woman

In 2004, everyone was talking about Aleta St. James. At that time, she was recognized as the oldest mother in the United States.

Aleta gave birth to twins at 57.

It is known that giving birth to children at a respectable age is very dangerous for the woman herself and for the child.

But now more and more women decide to give birth after 40 and even 50 years.

Aleta St. James had never thought about marriage and motherhood.

First you had to study at a theater school, then make a career in show business.

It would be very difficult to accompany all this with the education of children.

After completing her work in show business, Aleta decided to engage in spiritual and healing practices.

And the time has passed very quickly. One day she realized that she was already 50 years old.

At that age, she wanted to become a mother. Many friends advised her to abandon her intention to give birth.

She could suffer herself or spend her whole life raising a sick child. Some said she was completely crazy.

But Aleta didn’t want to listen to anyone.

She spent several years trying to get pregnant, but managed to experience the joy of motherhood at the age of 57.

Aleta gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy.

The family lived in New York. Since that time, 17 years have passed.

During this period, Aleta St. James managed to overcome different complicities, because she was raising her children alone.

Currently, Aleta is 73 years old, and Francesca and Gian have almost become adults.

She is full of strength and energy and continues to spend her time with the children, working and enjoying life.

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