Born Without A Nose, Here’s What Tessa Evans Looks Like At 10

The girl who was born without a nose, Tessa Evans, was born on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Every day, her family and people all over the world love and praise her.

Less than 100 people in the world have the same condition as Tessa. Her mother praises her “charming” attitude and “infallible courage.

Tessa is strong and living her best life eight years after being the first person to get nasal implants. She won’t let her situation stop her “from doing anything.”

People Grainne and Nathan Evans were shocked when their Valentine’s Day baby was born without a nose. Their pregnancy had been normal, and there were no signs of any problems.

Tessa is from Maghera, Ireland, and she was born without a nose because she has Bosma arhinia microphthalmia syndrome (BAMS).

The National Institutes of Health says that there have been less than 100 cases of this condition ever recorded in medical history.

It’s also hard to fix because the disease is so uncommon.

For Tessa, it means she can’t smell or breathe through her nose, but she can still cough, sneeze, and get a cold.

“It was funny the very first time she sneezed, but we actually found out that it actually comes from your chest,” said her dad, Nathan. “However, having that wee bit of normality was quite nice.”

When she was less than two weeks old, she had surgery to add a tracheostomy tube to her mouth, which made it possible for her to eat and sleep normally.

Tessa was the first person ever to have a cosmetic nasal implant put in to help make up the lost limb. She was only two years old.

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