This Man Says He’s So Handsome It’s A Burden And All Women Are Attracted To Him

At 22, Marco Donatelli does not lack self-confidence. This model claims that he is very handsome and that he always receives requests from women who want to meet him.

Marco Donatelli is a 22 year old young man who lives in Florida. This model has an Instagram account followed by nearly 55,000 subscribers. Concerned about his appearance, Marco is not afraid to say it: he is handsome , and his beauty has become a real burden.

Comparing himself to Leonardo DiCaprio during his youth, he claims to be inundated with messages every week from women looking to meet him.

“I know I’m really handsome, but I just don’t have time for girls. My best attribute would probably be my smile, along with my curly hair and blue eyes. I’m muscular and I’m a pretty big guy, which girls like. Some weeks I get inundated with messages from women who want to have sex with me or go on dates ,” he claimed.

He puts his beauty forward
To the great regret of these ladies, women are far from being Marco’s first concern. For the moment, the model specifies that he wishes to devote himself to his career. The young man has his own clothing line and invests in real estate. He will also participate in a reality TV show and has signed a deal with Netflix.

“I always knew I would be in the limelight one way or another. I remember having a childhood dream where I knew I would change the world and make people smile. I talked to my father about it, who asked me what I would do. I had no idea, I just knew it would happen ,” he said.

If Marco is not ready to have a serious relationship for the moment, he still has some criteria since he prefers brunettes and is looking for an organized woman. But for now, Marco wants to share his life with only one person: his dog.

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