The jury underestimated the 81-year-old, but when she started singing everyone was amazed

Jury members underestimated the 81-year-old, but when she started singing, everyone was simply amazed. Evelyn Williams, 81, appeared on the stage of one of the television projects, where new talent is sought. When he appeared on stage, everyone doubted his abilities because of his age.

Evelyn explained that she wanted to dedicate her song to the memory of her husband. She said she loved to sing when she was young. This amazing romantic song captured everyone’s heart from the very first sounds. All this is so beautiful that one can simply marvel at it. We recommend watching the video below:

Literally cried when she said her husband would have been so proud. Such a sweet, kind and humble woman. If anyone deserved this moment, it was her.

“It really hit me when she said ‘my mum and dad would be really proud of me’ at 81 after all, she’s still her mum and dad’s little girl.”

“This lady is awesome. That’s exactly how this song should be sung!”

“That voice is pure gold. Let’s never forget that with age comes beauty and it definitely has it all. What a beautiful soul telling an amazing story. I love it. Timeless”

“If anyone ever deserved such a standing ovation, it’s that lovely Lady Evelyn”

This is how the song was meant to be sung, so real so heartfelt: viewers write․

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