The man found a check for 5 million dollars: the reward was paltry

When you do something good, you don’t expect a profit. But gratitude can also be expressed by a reward.

This incident happened in Germany. While walking down the street, a young man found a check produced by the Haribo company.

It should be noted that Haribo is a giant German confectionery company that makes big profits in Europe that reach $4.8 million per month.

The lucky man could change the check and collect this large sum, which was five million dollars.

But he was so honest that he decided to return it to society.

And it was incomprehensible how such a company could lose such a big check.

Luckily, the bank document was found by an honest man, who immediately contacted the offices of the company to inform them of his find.

He was told without worry that he should tear up the check and take a picture of his actions to send to them as proof.

The nice man destroyed the bank document and acted according to their will.

Shortly after, the company sent him six packets of their product.

Yes, the candies were very good, but it was better not to receive nothing than to receive a few packets of gummies for such an important service.

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