The true and touching story of an 11-year-old boy who is responsible for raising his three siblings on his own

Juan Pablo, an 11-year-old boy from Colombia, three brothers, all of whom grew up without knowing their biological father. They were completely dependent on their mother for their upbringing. 

But one day, their mother got up and left without coming back, and we haven’t seen her since. Juan waited for his mother to return, but he had to face the harsh reality that she had left the family and gone somewhere else. So what are the options for an 11 year old? Everyone was amazed when Juan started his new role of “father” because it was a complete surprise for everyone. 

Every day, according to custom, he first accompanied his brothers to school, and it was only after dropping them off that he went to his own institution.

Once classes were over, Juan would take to the crowded streets of Bogotá to ask for financial aid . trash cans of leftover food she could eat on days she couldn’t collect moneyJuan does everything he can to ensure the well-being of every member of his family, and as skillfully as he does, no one knows the pain he is going through. 

Until a certain moment, his neighbor was the only one who could hear the continuous crying coming from Juan’s residence. They had concerns about it, so they turned to the authorities When police arrived at Juan’s residence to investigate the crying sounds, they were in for a big surprise when they discovered what was being broadcast.

The fact that these four siblings lived independently without adult supervision has been revealed by authorities, and the length of time they do so an even greater mystery. When they learned that Juan was taking care of his siblings alone, they were even more surprised. It was thanks to Juan’s efforts that they were all well fed, healthy and looked like normal children and rarely wore clean clothes. At first glance, Juan and his siblings seem no different from any other kids they meet on the street, and no one would ever guess that their parents somehow abandoned him.

When authorities investigated the sound of crying, they found it came from one of Juan’s brothers, who had fallen and was in severe pain as a result of the incident. Since Juan’s mother had abandoned him and his siblings, Juan did not lament the situation, but rather ascended to the position of father, where he excelled. After learning of their fate, the police made several attempts to contact both parents, but to no avail.

Eventually, the authorities concluded that it would be better for these young people to be cared for in a family service organization and they wanted Juan to return to his life as a child. They didn’t want Juan to have adult responsibilities at such a young age. 

Without a doubt, Juan showed that he had a greater sense of responsibility than his parents had ever had in their entire lives. We are hopeful that Juan and his younger siblings will be better cared for at the social center and that they will continue to have a positive outlook on life.

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