Influenced by Ellie Goldstein, this young woman with Down syndrome launches into modeling

Beth Matthews is a young woman with Down syndrome who decided to get into modelling after following the path of Ellie Goldstein. She managed to sign with a big modelling agency.

Two years ago, model Ellie Goldstein rose to fame posing for Gucci. Suffering from trisomy 21, the young woman decided to start modeling, and her photos were published in Vogue magazine. Since then, she joined the Zebedee agency and multiplies the photo shoots.

This journey inspired Beth Matthews, a 22-year-old woman who lives in Wales. Also suffering from trisomy 21 , she decided to do the same thing as Ellie Goldstein.

“When Beth was born, we were told that our lives were going to be very difficult. In fact, the opposite is true. The inclusion revolution is finally underway and I’m so happy to have my daughter part of it ,” said Fiona Matthews, Beth’s mother.

She signs with a big modelling agency
Ever since Beth started posing for a camera, her mother has noticed all the positive effects the job has had on her life. Half an hour after her first photo shoot, Beth already seemed more fulfilled and happy. Thanks to her naturalness in front of the camera, Beth Matthews signed with the great modelling agency Zebedee, the same one that hired Ellie Goldstein.

This modeling agency , created five years ago, employs models from all walks of life, including people with disabilities as well as trans and non-binary people. Its objective: to represent the entire population. According to Ella Singleton-Redmond, manager at the Zebedee agency, disability is often overlooked in discussions on diversity.

“20% of the population lives with a disability, whether visible or invisible, so we have to represent them in the advertising we do ,” she said . People realize this and start to change. Our goal is to ensure that all media represent the people. There is still a long way to go. »

A woman with Down syndrome becomes a model
When Beth started her first photo shoots, the Zebedee agency was delighted and found the young woman to be brilliant in front of the camera.

“We invited Beth to a casting and she was just awesome on camera, and that’s what we’re looking for. We need people who not only look good, but also look fantastic when put on set in front of a camera and can work. She ticked all the boxes ,” said Ella Singleton-Redmond.

On the photos of Beth, we can see the young woman in natural, but also with beautiful scarves of the Gucci brand as well as a sublime red ball gown. If Beth loves to pose, she particularly likes the moment of preparation, when she has her hair, makeup, and tries on her outfits.

“It is a pleasure to watch Beth, as a young adult with Down syndrome, succeed in her chosen career path. It’s encouraging to see how companies are increasingly realizing how valuable it is to have a diverse workforce. Being hired by a modeling agency should feel like a dream come true ,” said Julian Hallet, head of the Down’s Syndrome Association.

In the UK, an estimated 47,000 people have Down’s syndrome. People with Down’s syndrome can live like everyone else and have only a few learning disabilities. Today, people with Down syndrome are increasingly represented in society and work semi- or totally independently.

“I think the most important thing is that Beth has more confidence in herself. It’s just wonderful to see her flourish , ”concluded the mother of the young model.

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