The 82-year-old dances the Charleston and still moves like she’s 20

The Charleston was invented precisely to find choreographies to dance this musical style. The earliest song this dance can be associated with is 1923’s “Runnin’ Wild”.

Even today we continue to dance to it and the video that we offer you in this article is an example of it. In the video in question, a sweet 82-year-old grandma demonstrates how age is really just a number. At the beginning of the scene, we see her entering the kitchen with a weary and age-weary step, using a stick.

He then sits down in a chair and drinks or pretends to drink some extra. From there begins the show capable of leaving everyone speechless. Grandma gets up and with a quick gesture removes the lower part of the dress, under which appears a skirt.

That’s when she puts on a necklace and begins to dance the Charleston with the ease and fluidity of a teenager. The video uploaded to YouTube exceeds three million views and has many “likes” and user comments. Many complimented the lady, some wondered if Granny was a professional dancer when she was young.

What is certain is that dancing and movement, in general, will help you stay healthy and strong.

We leave you to the video, which can certainly be a source of inspiration:

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