Rescuer held the snout of the crying weak dog that had been chained for five years.

The unfortunate dog had spent the last five years outside on a chain. She had severe mange, which had caused her to lose all of her fur. She received neither food nor love from her owner.

The only thing a visiting neighbor could afford to give the dog was stale bread. Without barely chewing, the cute puppy devoured it entirely over the fence. It would be an extreme understatement to say she was famished. A kind woman recorded the helpless dog and forwarded the footage with her message. The following day, a rescue crew who had pledged to assist the dog showed up.

What the rescuers witnessed astounded them! To save her life, they made the decision to bring this dog along. They used every effort to persuade the dog’s owner to surrender the animal.

They spent hours explaining to the owner why the dog required care and that if she did not give the dog up, they would contact the police.

Finally, the owner gave his approval. The adorable puppy seems to comprehend their purpose for coming as soon as they approached her.

The adorable girl turned her head in their direction as if to express gratitude. They patted her head and assured her that everything was going to be well. Finally, after five years, they removed the chain holding her and placed her into their vehicle. Time for a thorough vet examination! Time was come for a new identity and a new existence. They chose to give her the name Lada.

She had a horrible skin problem brought on by fleas, the veterinarian verified. Lada suffered a lot since she had not received flea treatment in five years.

Thankfully, she eventually found trustworthy care. Lada initially waved her tail when she was being petted by the rescuer while standing on the examination table. It was a magical moment!

Lada must spend a month in the veterinary facility. She need 24-hour care while waiting for her weight to stabilize. Lada will discover what it means to be loved throughout this period. Every day she is visited by her new pals, who are overjoyed to see that she is putting on weight and that her coat is coming back. She had never experienced love at the age of five. But today, her future appears promising!

Lada will soon be in good enough shape to find a new place to live. We are very relieved that the young girl is no longer bound by her chain or her cruel owner. You can watch Lada’s rescue in the video below. To save as many lives as they can, rescuers are exerting every effort. By narrating their experiences, we can grab the public’s interest. Are you as thrilled as we are for Lada?

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