A cat escapes from its transport cage and finds itself trapped under the rails of the metro

Edgar worried his masters for long hours. Left to himself in the underground rails of Philadelphia, the feline will provoke a strong mobilization, but he will fortunately experience a comforting outcome.

The misadventures of Edgar, a gray tabby cat with green eyes, took place last October 30 and are reported by UPI. While in the company of his owners on the subway in Philadelphia, USA, the twink escaped from his transport crate and then snuck along the tracks, quickly becoming out of sight.

Many actions will be put in place, in the immediate future, in order to save the feline as quickly as possible. Posters were posted in the subway, a wanted poster was posted on social media, and employees of the SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) mobilized to find him.

One of them, Ted, is a cat lover, and he was particularly alert. He happened to be working near the scene of Edgar’s disappearance, and he spotted him under the tracks the following afternoon.

Members of PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), a nearby shelter, came to the scene to lend a hand to the SEPTA employees. Equipped with a transport cage and tempting treats, the volunteers were able to get the feline in the company of Marvin, responsible for the metro station.

Edgar was now safe, and was accommodated within the premises of the shelter, in Grays Ferry.

The bushy adventurer had, fortunately, not been hurt by this journey. He was just “a little dirty,” said PAWS members on Facebook.

They were delighted to return Edgar to his owners, and the twink was able to recover from his emotions alongside those who are dear to him.

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