The sweetest rendition of “Old McDonald” has ever been performed by a lovely 2-year-old child.

Nursery rhymes are something that many of us learned to sing as children and frequently teach our kids. They were always entertaining, whether your favorites were Wheels on the Bus or Humpty Dumpty.

Millions of people were moved by a young girl’s version of “Old MacDonald.” Josie is a sweet two-year-old girl who enjoys animals just as much as other young children. Even a puppet toy with animals from the barnyard in place of fingers was purchased by her parents.

A little girl is singing a charming rendition of “Old MacDonald” while standing at the doorway of her parents’ bedroom. She doesn’t even know the name of the song; she only understands half of the words. However, she is perfectly capable of creating a ton of animal noises, and that is plenty for her.

The small girl tries her hardest to sing the song word for word, even giving some of the characters her own little spin.

Josie sings in the prettiest high-pitched voice, “And on his farm, he had a tiny dog, ee I ee I oh, with a woof woof there and a woof woof there.”

She has a beaming smile from ear to ear the entire time the young star is singing, and her smile could light up any room. A “little duck” is the last animal she sings about, and it’s a magnificent finish. When she nears the finish of her song, her father, who is filming her endearing performance, cannot help but giggle.

Josie is a genuinely kind young lady. Watch the video below to hear the adorable child sing “Old McDonald”!

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