Chihuahua finally won the battle against cancer after heroic 17 chemotherapy and was rescued

Three-year-old Chihuahua Eric was found on the street by volunteers. The dog had bloody paws and the body was covered in ticks. When he was taken to the vet, it turned out that the four-legged friend had a malignant tumor. Ticks infected a dog with Ehrlichiosis, a serious disease that affects white blood cells. It reduces the body’s defenses and opens access to various infections. After treating the disease, doctors added weekly chemotherapy sessions to reduce the swelling.

Dog Beats Cancer After 17 Rounds of Chemo.
Credit: San Diego Humane Society

While Eric was undergoing treatment, he lived with a foster family where he was cared for. The dog survived all procedures and was calm. He seemed to understand that they wanted to help him. It took over 4 months of continuous care for the doctors to say, “Eric is in remission.” When the dog recovered, everyone who helped during treatment decided to throw a party in Eric’s honor.

They baked liver pâté, put one Put a birthday candle in it and put on party hats. Afterwards, the volunteers announced that the dog can find a real family. A week later, people showed up wanting to take Eric with them. Now the dog is happy in a loving family.

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