For a year, the man supported the raven family. He discovered an odd expression of appreciation on the doorstep

Crows never cease to amaze us! Another illustration of how these birds understand exactly what appreciation is may be seen in this situation.

Stuart enjoys observing animals. He has nothing against a family of crows moving into his property because of this. By the summer, the birds had offspring in their newly constructed nest. The man enjoyed watching the parents race back and forth, flapping their wings as they carried food to the young while listening to their squeaks. He slept out and didn’t mind being awakened by the crows cawing.

He did, however, note that the bird cries had altered one day. They appeared stressed. Stuart then decided to investigate the issue. He returned and discovered two young crows in the centre of the yard. The chicks were sitting on the ground and still had their small wings. And the parents fretted while being powerless to assist. But someone could support them. He carried it out.

Stuart relocated the young crows to their original nest despite the birds’ adult anger. After doing a random act of kindness, Stuart gave it some thinking and decided to put food and water dishes under the tree in case the chicks fell out again. After a while, he started feeding the more senior crows and started updating stockpiles regularly. The man regularly left food specially bought for crows in the same place.

He eventually discovered that the birds valued his kindness. He walked outside in the morning to feed the birds. Nothing is unusual; everything is as it always is. Stuart, however, discovered a curious object in the spot where he often dumped food: a fir twig with a soda can’s key attached to it. The dude was really shocked. After all, he always sweeps the yard neatly and doesn’t have a tendency of throwing trash around. What possible origin may this weird item have? He fed the crows and carried on with his day, but the following day the same thing happened.

Along with yesterday’s twig, there was another one lying nearby. Crows somehow took the jar’s key, chewed off a piece of a pine branch, and attached a brass ring to it. It appeared to be a present, an effort to express symbolic gratitude to the person. And except trash, what else did they have?

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