When a man examined a package that had fallen from an airplane fifty years prior, he discovered that he was extraordinarily wealthy

This time, the climbers made the decision to reach the summit of Mont Blanc. 
Five thousand meters above sea level is where unique object was discovered.
treasure trove of priceless stones was discovered within box that the climber discovered. 
As soon as he touched down, he started looking into the local history and learned that box of stones had fallen from an aircraft 50 years before.
He examined it and determined that it was missing. Indian Airlines’ aircraft.
He was a really honest man, so he declined to keep the find for himself and made the decision to let the police know about it instead.
The specialists tried everything to track down the true owner, but sadly they were unable. As a result, they divided it into two parts and handed one to the mountaineer and the other to the municipal treasury.
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