“I dreamed of having a perfect smile: now I look like a horse”

There are those who decide to change the color of their hair, those who cut it, those who think about a makeover of their wardrobe, those who go as far as a few cosmetic touch-ups and those who, quite simply, would like a smile. brighter and whiter teeth.

This is the wish of the mother we are going to tell you about, who decided to do something for her teeth, but did not get the desired result, and decided to share her experience on her Tik Tok profile. 

Lauren Hartley is a 23-year-old British mother of four who became famous on the web for sharing a video on social media. In the footage, she can be seen fuming about an online order that didn’t go exactly as she had hoped. Wanting to have a prettier smile, she bought veneers to apply to her teeth to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“I spent £180 to look like a horse, Lauren begins. I was hoping they would look like my natural teeth, but whiter, but they didn’t. When they arrived and I wore them, I immediately thought they couldn’t fit me and decided to send them back. I’m a horse”.

Indeed, from what we can see in the video, the resemblance is real and many users have confirmed his hypothesis. The thing, although negative, was approached with a touch of irony and drew many amused comments from more than 3 million people.

Beyond the joke, the experience was not positive, mainly because the reality did not match what had been described by previous customers. This is why Lauren decided to return the order and decline the offer made to her by the company soon after. Apparently, in order not to lose the client, they offered to make the necessary changes to adapt to her smile, but she refused. It was only after insisting that she received an agreement for the reimbursement.

What would you have done in his place?

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