The girl sang the song “California Dreamin” in the blind auditions. The judges gave her a standing ovation!

The tone of the girl is awesome!

Different opinions can be heard today on the many TV talent shows. Reviews of children’s television projects are especially controversial. Those who claim that such shows are very necessary are right. The main argument is to help children discover their talent and gain self-confidence.

Indeed, many children do not have a suitable playground or opportunities that would allow them to demonstrate and then develop their talent. These projects create conditions for the realization of children’s talents. In addition, few performers can share their experiences and dreams.

Children can participate in castings from anywhere. These kids have never performed on big stages in their lives and so may not even be aware of their incredible talent.

The incredible talents of children surprise us, delight us and inspire us. Above all, they inspire hope for an optimistic future for many people. Twelve-year-old Lisa Kostyakina is a vivid example of such an extraordinarily talented child with a magnificent voice and charisma, for whom the stage has become a second home.

Her rendition of the world famous hit “California Dreamin” left no one indifferent in the audience. In this video you can hear Lisa’s beautiful voice.

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