Hospital staff sings as baby rolls down hall on last trip to donate organs

Becoming a parent is such a great experience. It is one of the hardest jobs we have to do, but seeing our child grow into a good person is the best reward we can receive.

When you see your child for the first time, it is inexplicable. The happiness, the love you feel in your heart is just too much. No matter how difficult the situation, as long as you see this little child, your strength is renewed.

Parenting means we nurture, nurture and protect. We do our best to make sure our babies are comfortable, well fed, safe and protected. Our child comes first and we will do everything for him. Even giving up our own lives for them, but some things are out of our hands.

Coralynn Eve Sobolik was a one-year-old girl. She was the happiness of her parents and their world. They made sure their little girl was protected, happy and safe; however, one day, devastating news turned their worlds upside down.

Even though they did their best to protect their darling child, she still contracted a virus that quickly robbed little Coralynn of her health.

What she contracted was parainfluenza, and her little body soon experienced complications. His parents were devastated by his worsening condition, so they decided to rush him to a local hospital.

Their local hospital advised them to transfer her to the Mayo Clinic hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, as her condition was not improving.

They had to put the poor little girl to sleep and intubate her for the ride, but then, during this procedure, Coralynn’s heart stopped.

For 25 minutes, medical personnel performed CPR on the little girl and she stabilized. They were able to get the baby admitted, where they checked her heart and echocardiogram.

According to the results, they were fine, but doctors discovered that she suffered from brain damage.

Paul and Meagan, the baby’s parents, held on to each other. Trying to be strong during this painful time in their lives. Everything was so sudden and so painful.

It was then that they decided there was still something they could do. That even if their baby girl couldn’t come back to them, she could still save other people and continue to live through them.

They decided to donate his organs to other children who are still fighting for another chance in life.

“There is no longer any chance that our little girl will recover but she is still with us and is in the process of donating organs. She became an angel today, but tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon she will go into surgery and become a superhero and give the wonderful gift of life to up to eight different people who are in desperate need of these organs. . We have to be with Cora tonight and we’ll give her the most love we’ve ever given her.”

Warning: The video will surely make you cry.

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