A Young Girl Was Surrounded By 14 Dogs, But The Moment The Girl Raised Her Hands To The Skie

Because of our shared cognitive abilities, humans and dogs have been friends for centuries.


Incredible brain similarities between humans and dogs have been revealed, which may explain why the two species have been able to cohabit for over 30,000 years with such mutual understanding.

The video of the toddler having a great time with the 14 dogs quickly gained online popularity.

The film presents an alternative perspective to the widely held belief that these dogs are harmful and aggressive around youngsters.

To return to the study, the results suggest that dogs love us for more than just food; they exhibit concern for us for the same reasons that humans do, such as social comfort or interpersonal bonds.

Previous investigations undertaken by American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, have found that a brain area associated with joyful feelings is shared by humans and dogs.

Indeed, this study verifies what dog owners have always known intuitively: that their canine companions experience love and devotion.


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