These Spouses Celebrate 60 Years of Marriage With a Magical Photoshoot

In the United States, two octogenarians celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary by posing in their old wedding attire.

Marvin Stone, 88, and his wife, Lucille, 81, are the perfect couple. To celebrate their 60 years of marriage, the two spouses decided to offer a symbolic photo session.

In a field located in Nebraska ( United States ), the lovers posed in front of the lens in their original wedding attire.

Indeed, Marvin donned his black tuxedo with a matching bow tie. For her part, Lucille put on her magnificent lace dress, hand-sewn by the bride!

During the photo shoot, the couple exchanged countless gestures of love, much to the delight of Katie Autry, the photographer.

Shared on Facebook, the photos garnered more than 1,500 likes and nearly 1,000 shares. Many netizens have praised Marvin and Lucille for the longevity of their marriage .

A fairy tale that has lasted for years
The couple married in 1960 in a small Lutheran church in Sterling. At that time, Marvin was 29 years old, while Lucille was celebrating her 22nd birthday.

The ceremony, rich in emotions, upset the father of the bride: “My father cried. He was the only one crying ,” Lucile told American media.

Before adding: “My mother was very happy and my parents knew that Marvin was just perfect. It helps when your family loves the person you are marrying . ”

Children of the Great Depression, Marvin and Lucille affirm that this common point solidified their love: “ We are children born during the economic crisis. Marvin was born in the early 1930s and I came into the world a few years later ,” said the octogenarian.

According to Marvin, they were on the same page throughout their relationship: “We both had farming backgrounds. (…) We had similar goals in life” .

60 years later, the couple still love each other like the first day. Obviously, the two lovebirds bicker but they always manage to find common ground. The secret of their marriage? Leave worries aside and communicate.

“Focus on the needs along the way and keep the faith, keep a positive attitude and do your best ,” Lucille said. Rocked by an unconditional love, the two spouses had three children during their marriage.

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