The girl is sure that her figure is perfect and so she publishes her full-length photos

By the way, the girl looks simply amazing! Plus-size models will become increasingly popular: either their expressive charm has such an effect on everyone, or everyone is already fed up with models suffering from anorexia. Perhaps soon there will be a turning point in the modeling business and girls with curvaceous figures will take the pedestal, but until this happens, let’s remember what the designation “plus-size model” is.
If a girl is even a little larger than the dystrophic beauties, she is immediately labeled with such a label. Who will like this? Stefania Ferrario doesn’t like it either… This 28-year-old lives in Australia, works as a model and actively fights the fact that people like her are called plus-size models. “I am a model.
Unfortunately, in the modeling business, if you are slightly larger than normal size, you are considered plus size. I find this an infringement of rights and opportunities…” By the way, the girl looks simply amazing! I would like to believe that, thanks to girls like Stephanie, painful thinness will very soon go out of fashion, and young ladies like these will strut on the catwalk. P.S. Share your opinion in the comments, friends.

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