A rather urgent help for the poor animal: the kind frees a cat with a pot stuck on its head

Kind Stranger releases a cat with a pot stuck on its head.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but this feline got lucky thanks to a nice stranger!

In a video shared by Inside Edition, a cat can be seen stuck with a clay pot on its head.

The poor cat had wandered around with the potty on its head for a while and had no luck freeing its head.

Of course, a cat cannot survive with its head completely covered for long.

The stuck feline would likely have fallen prey to a predator, wandered into traffic, or starved if help hadn’t arrived.

Luckily, a kind stranger spotted the cat and decided to help.

In the video you can see a man gripping the cat tightly.

He gives the feline some nice pets before grabbing the pot around the cat’s head and smashing it into the ground.

It seems surprising at first, but then it becomes clear what he has done.

With the pot broken, the cat was able to free its head and run away!

The world could use more kind-hearted people willing to help.

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