He abuses his children, his wife scalds him to death in his sleep

Corinna Smith, 59, had learned from her daughter that her husband Michael Baines, 80, had sexually abused her and her brother when they were young children. Mad with rage, Corinna decided to take the law into her own hands and scalded her husband to death in his sleep.

A mother has murdered her husband by pouring boiling water mixed with sugar over his body as he slept after hearing revelations from her daughter that he had sexually abused her two children.

Mad with rage she scalded her husband to death
Corinna Smith was furious over her daughter’s revelations that her partner Michael Baines, 80, had preyed on the children when they were much younger. The 59-year-old then took a bucket from her garden in Neston, England, boiled two kettles of water and mixed it with three kilos of sugar.

While her husband was sleeping peacefully in his bed, she poured the contents on his arms as well as on his chest, then left the property. A neighbor contacted the police and the ambulance service after meeting Corinna who told her that she had really injured her husband and possibly killed him.

Detective Inspector Paul Hughes said Corinna killed her husband in a very painful and extremely cruel way. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 12 years.

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