She got married. Lopez showed up without makeup and in snake-printed tights.”

“Jennifer Lopez is rightfully considered one of the most desirable and beautiful artists in Hollywood. Quite a binding title, isn’t it? In fact, Jennifer currently holds the title of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. However, celebrities are also human beings.”

And who said that artists have to be flawless 24/7? These past few days, paparazzi managed to capture Jennifer in a less glorious moment. It appears that the artist was returning from a workout.”

Her snake-print tights and the absence of makeup were a clue for the fans. ‘She’s beautiful even without makeup,’ ‘Just an ordinary woman,’ ‘There are prettier ones out there.'”

“And this woman, you call her a style icon? In our time, we have prettier ones,” “Simply stunning,” “Plain,” “Even I look prettier in the morning,” “And does Ben see this every morning?” I read under Jennifer Lopez’s post

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