While walking, the man noticed a skinny dog in the forest, all curled up and lonely

The thin dog lay in the forest and did not move, as if he was waiting for someone. When the man approached him, the dog did not even move or react in any other way.

This story takes place in Britain. The man was driving past the forest when he noticed a thin dog curled up in the bushes on the side of the road. The dog did not move, only looked around with a frightened look. The man realized that the dog needed help, so he immediately called the rescuers.

Volunteers arrived to help. On examination, the animal was found to have a microchip. A call to the phone indicated in the information did not give a chip, as it turned out, the previous owners of the dog sold it a few weeks ago. It was not possible to contact the new owners; most likely, she was not going to look for a pet.

Rescuers took the dog to the shelter and named Bang Beng and started treating him. Due to living in the forest, the dog developed several injuries on its paws, but in general its health did not cause concern to veterinarians.

Thanks to the care of the rescuers, Beng began to recover quickly and gain weight. He turned out to be very sociable and affectionate, very soon he will be looking for a new family.

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