This Young Girl Married an 83-Year-Old Billionaire, But Fate Played a Bad Joke on Her Head

Nearly 90-year-old James Howard Marshall II, who possessed a large fortune, proposed marriage to a cunning young beauty, Anna Smith.

The old man knew very well that Anna was with him only for money, she was looking forward to the death of her husband. It was obvious to anyone who knew the story.

James died shortly thereafter. The young woman “wore mourning” as usual. Now he was waiting for the will.

It’s even possible to make a film about Anna’s reaction to the news that her husband left her nothing. James left all of his wealth to his son Pierce.

The woman did not wake up angry. He went to court. While the case was being heard, the woman was able to marry a man who represented her in court.

But even this union did not help him win the case. All the wealth passed to Pierce, but he too was unable to enjoy the inheritance left by his father as he died.

At this time, Anna had a child, and because Pierce was dead, her ex-husband’s property passed to her. However, after having a child, the woman began to have complications and she left this world a few days later. He couldn’t enjoy his long-awaited wealth…

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