The surprise call from a veterinary clinic to a family whose cat had been lost for 6 years

The story of Venus is the best demonstration of the need to keep hope when you lose your pet. Not found for 6 years, this senior cat has recently resurfaced to everyone’s surprise.

A cat lost for years has found her family, who no longer dared hope to see her again. A story reported by Courrier Picard.

Venus lives in Gouvieux in the Oise with her owners, who lost sight of her for 6 long years. This cat with the tabby dress had, in fact, vanished in 2016. Despite the constant searches of her owners, they had no more news of the animal.

The feline was already quite old at the time of his disappearance, since he was 12 years old. Her owner, named Patricia, thinks that old age had made her lose her sense of direction, which would have made her unable to find her way home.

This was not her first runaway, but her masters did not worry too much about it, because she always ended up coming back. This time it was different. Days, then weeks and months passed, and there was still no trace of the quadruped. It was only recently, on Saturday November 4, 2022, that she resurfaced against all odds. In Précy-sur-Oise, just 5 kilometers from Gouvieux, a lady had noticed a hungry and friendly cat that had been visiting her garden for a few days, in search of food.

She took her to a veterinary clinic, where it was found that she was identified by a tattoo on her ear. It is thanks to this that Patricia was able to be contacted to learn the incredible news.

It was therefore at the age of 18 that Venus found her home, which she is slowly learning to rediscover. Her family gives her all the time to do it, having placed her in a separate room at first. As soon as they feel she is ready, the cat will be able to meet Patricia’s 2 other cats. When she returned, Venus was in relatively good health, considering her long absence and her age. The vet simply rehydrated her. The female cat should, however, undergo further examination and blood tests as a precaution. She will also have her vaccines updated.

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