The girl adopted a dog from the shelter, but she could not keep him in her apartment: here’s why

When people want to adopt a dog, obviously they choose a young puppy.

Older dogs are often overlooked because they have different health and behavioral issues like anxiety or stress.

Adult dogs adapt more difficultly in a new family.

Bentley, an elderly dog, was adopted from a shelter by Taylor.

In his new family, the dog was surrounded by love and care, but something was missing, because the pooch was anxious.

Taylor figured it was because of her one-bedroom apartment.

She realized that her lifestyle was not the best for her new pooch, who weighed almost 60 kilos.

He definitely needed more space.

And the girl exchanged her apartment for a house, spending a lot of money, and they moved into the new accommodation.

Since her adorable dog loved the grass and the new house had no garden, Taylor decided to create a little piece of paradise for her beloved pooch.

So her boyfriend Everson came to her rescue.

The man created a grass covered area and it was a wonderful place for the pooch.

Bentley really liked his new corner. Although the new house was quite large, the dog preferred his place outside. He was no longer stressed and anxious.

Taylor wrote on his social media page: “Bentley immediately went to bed and lay there for several hours. He looks so happy.”

Taylor and Evenson also adopted a sibling for their beloved pet. He was a senior basset hound, named June.

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