The emotional rescue of a dog found under the rubble 23 days after the earthquake

In Turkey, a dog named Aleks has been found alive under the rubble, 23 days after the devastating earthquake that struck the country and Syria.

A miracle! For 23 days, a dog named Alexs lived under the rubble of Antakya, caused by the disastrous earthquake that had devastated this great city.

The big, light-eyed mongrel was spotted by its owner, who heard its bark. He then called a rescue team. He was held captive by the concrete slabs which had formed a sort of well when they collapsed under the effect of the earthquake.

The rescue operation then went off without a hitch. Rescuers managed to clear an exit from the ruins, then called out the dog’s name to attract it, as can be seen in the video filmed by the Turkish news agency DHA.

If the fur is shaggy, Aleks emerged from the rubble in good health and he was taken to an animal welfare association for an examination before being returned to his master.

Since February 6, when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake caused 45,000 deaths in Turkey and 5,000 deaths in Syria, rescuers have saved hundreds of animals, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, cows and sheep .

The last survivors found were a couple, in Antakya, on February 18th. Since then, research has been suspended in 9 out of 11 provinces, with the exception of Hatay and Kahramanmaras, where the epicenter was located.

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