The dramatic story of saving the cat Gizel and her kitten Pruno

In the spring, everything comes to life, a new life begins, but not all of it comes into the world easily and safely. In Montreal, Canada, they successfully celebrated the completion of the most difficult stage in the rescue of the young cat Gizel, for whom the first birth turned into such a drama that not every writer of women’s novels would think of it. And, as usual, people are to blame.

Pregnant cat Gizel ended up on the street at the end of winter, because she was just … thrown out

Gizel lived calmly for the first year of her life, but careless owners did not take care of either sterilization or looking after the cat. As a result, she became pregnant, and when it turned out, Gizel was literally thrown into the snow, in a 10-degree frost. No one needs it and let it all end quickly. The cat was incredibly lucky that it was seen by a neighbor girl who picked her up and took her to her friend who works in a shelter. So Gizel fell into caring hands, but new problems were already rolling like a lump from the mountain.

This is Pruno, the newborn kitten of Gizel

Pruno was the first, and became the only kitten Gizel. While the veterinarians were touched by the lively baby, the second was born dead. And the third one too. The birth stopped, Gisel fell into apathy, stopped eating and, even worse, completely ignored Pruno, who needed maternal care.

While some volunteers took turns feeding and warming the kitten, others racked their brains – what about Gizel? X-rays showed that two unborn kittens were left in the womb of the cat, because of which she developed an infection and poisoning. Urgent operation! Only a day later, Gizel was able to gain strength and eat a little. Baby Pruno has been separated from his mother for the third day.

The red vest is a forced measure. Gizel cannot be fed Pruno with milk, it has become toxic.

A person, with all the desire, cannot replace a kitten’s mother, but Gizel is given strong medicines to suppress the infection, which is why her milk is deadly for the kitten. Solomon’s decision was made – people would feed Pruno, but Gizel herself would be able to warm and care for her.

The cat was incredibly happy to meet the kitten!
Stock up on handkerchiefs – the video is very touching

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