This friendly dog ​​won the hearts of all store staff and visitors

This dog, called Pierrot, had a pretty sad life.

These owners had thrown him out when he was three years old. They were minding their own business and they decided not to keep him anymore.

Thus, for a year, Pierrot wandered the streets and only found his food in garbage cans.

Pierrot was very afraid of people. When the dog met them, he was even frightened by their voice.

The owner of a store selling various products, who very often saw Pierrot lying outside the door of his store, gave him food.

One day, when Luc Maurice saw the dog wandering around, he had a great idea. He decided to adopt this animal without a family.

From now on, Pierrot is in this store. It’s a wonderful place that has a lot of interesting things for dogs.

Pierrot has completely changed. He is no longer afraid of people.

He knows everyone in the store and his picture is displayed in the break room.

Everyone is amazed at the marvelous transformation of the dog.

Pierrot knows most of the visitors too.

He accepts people with joy and pleasure and they love this adorable dog who warms their hearts and makes them smile.

They especially admired his pretty apron which he wears with pleasure.

Pierrot has become the symbol of the store.

All his days he spends at the store and the nights with Luc Maurice’s family.

The dog knows the way to his house and when the store is closed, he can come back himself.

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