The daring dress helped the couple win: the judges did not even look at the other participants

A dance in which everything is amazing: body, dress, music, and rumba.

The dance of a pair of participants in the rumba championship made the judges forget about the other competitors. A couple of Elena Khvorova – Slavik Kryklivy came out third in the broadcast of their number, but that was enough – the other participants only had to go home, because everyone was fascinated by the dress.

A couple of Elena Khvorova – Slavik Kryklyvy was formally in a rather difficult situation – after them there were many more participants, and the judges could decide everything. But as soon as the couple started their number, it immediately became clear that they were the winners.

Aesthetics and beauty – do not take your eyes off!

The audience froze and the judges seemed to have forgotten that there were still a lot of contestants in front of them. Everyone was fascinated watching Elena and Slavik.

Later, the dance performance entered rumba history – experts still consider it one of the most beautiful dances in history:

The judges still remember the performance mesmerizing them with beauty and grace. And, of course, they do not lose sight of Elena’s dress – however, the rating professionals only say that she simply emphasized the smoothness of the movements.

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