What a love story! In the middle of the fire, he refuses to abandon his wife

Refusing to abandon his injured wife in the middle of the fire, a man accompanied his dear and tender until the end before perishing in turn.

It’s a story both beautiful and cruel!

As his house burned, a man refused to leave his wife, who could not move, and both spouses eventually lost their lives in the fire.

This tragedy took place on November 10 in Saint-Louis, Missouri (United States) and claimed the lives of Kenneth and Phyllis Zerr, both 84 years old.

Refusing to abandon his wounded wife, he perishes with her in the fire of his house.
Married for 63 years, the latter thus lived their last moments together because they did not want to separate.

According to the investigation report released by local media, Phyllis had a bad fall in the bathroom when the fire broke out. Immediately at her bedside to help her, Kenneth tried everything to save her, in vain.

Understanding that his wife was unable to get up, the octogenarian then refused to leave his dear and tender and accompanied her to the end before perishing in turn in the fire.

” Rescue was on the phone with my father who was trying to help my mother out of the house and then they got stuck, ” said one of the couple’s sons on a local television channel.

” The emergency services told my father to get out of the house and my father replied ‘I’m not leaving my wife’ and he stayed with her. Until the end ,” he continued.

Kenneth and Phyllis therefore wanted to stay together until the end until death separates them.

Eternal love.

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