High-risk rescue operation to rescue a female dog who fell between rocks threatening to collapse

The young dog went through a difficult ordeal which fortunately ended well thanks to the relentless efforts of the rescuers. Her masters were extremely relieved to see her emerge safe and sound from her trap.

Friday, October 14, 2022, Jess, an English Springer dog, escaped from certain death thanks to the rescuers of the Devon Cave Rescue Organization.

The unfortunate had indeed fallen into a cavity in the disused Haytor quarry in England. The area is known for its majestic granite rocks, but they can also be dangerous.

Her mistress, Shane Darwood, was able to locate Jess by her plaintive moans. She, therefore, contacted the city fire brigade at 11:30 p.m., who called in the specialized rescue group.

“When we arrived we could hear her crying when her landlady called her – it struck a chord with you. In a way, that was good, because that way we knew she was safe and unharmed,” paramedic Tara Beacroft told Metro.

The young woman described this rescue as the worst Jenga game she had ever had to play. Indeed, the arrangement of stacked rocks looked eerily like a wobbly tower threatening to collapse on top of them and Jess.

For 3 hours, the benefactors removed the stones one by one, taking care not to cause a disaster.

Earth systematically fell on the dog who was struggling to breathe. All the same, she showed an Olympian calm, which contributed to the smooth running of the operations.

“Almost everyone in the DCRO stuck their heads in the cavity to see how to adapt to the situation. At one point I was even upside down under a rock to make sure some very massive ones didn’t cause a dangerous slide,” Tara added.

Fortunately, they managed to evacuate Jess in good health. The chicken treats passed on by the rescuers had allowed her to regain her strength.

The whole team as well as Shane were extremely moved by the thanks of the relieved dog.

The latter was able to return home and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

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