This heroic policeman helped a woman give birth in traffic jams on the A3 motorway

This is the great story of the day! A cold-blooded policeman helped a woman give birth in the middle of a traffic jam on the highway. Narrative.

In many ways, pregnancy is somewhat like a long-distance race and the least we can say is that timing to cross the finish line is never an exact science.

And when the baby has decided to point the tip of his nose, he doesn’t bother to know if the moment and the place are appropriate or not.

A young mother from Ile-de-France had the curious experience of this after giving birth in the middle of a traffic jam, with the help of a heroic policeman.

A policeman helps a woman give birth in the middle of a traffic jam on the highway
The scene took place on April 13, 2022 in Seine-Saint-Denis.

That day, a couple of future parents find themselves stuck on the A3 motorway on their way to the maternity ward.

In the middle of a traffic jam, the pregnant woman then broke her water and the dad understood very quickly that the birth was imminent.

Taken by panic, he immobilizes his car gets out and heads for a police van that he had spotted a few moments earlier.

Inside it is a certain Dylan, a policeman but also a volunteer firefighter.

Seeing the dad making big gestures, the latter stops his vehicle in turn and joins the couple. Informed of the situation, the gendarme notices that it is too late to take the mother to the hospital and decides to proceed with the delivery on the spot.

Supported by a police officer, present on the scene and who was not on duty, Dylan finally helped the young woman to give birth to her child in the middle of the stopped cars.

After this childbirth, to say the least atypical, the couple and their infant were escorted to the Bluets maternity hospital in Paris.

” The baby and the mother are doing well ,” said the gendarmerie on Twitter, congratulating the hero of the day.

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