On the advice of her grandfather, a student plays the Lottery and wins 32 million euros

In Canada, an 18-year-old student won the Lottery jackpot after playing for the first time, on the advice of her grandfather.

Juliette Lamour is a biology student living in Canada who just turned 18. To celebrate his coming of age, his grandfather advised him to play the Lottery. Until now, the young woman had never tried her luck, and her grandfather thought it was the right time.

“He said to me: you have just turned 18, go buy yourself a ticket, try your luck,” said Juliette.

Knowing nothing about how the lottery works, Juliette called her father once in the store, to find out how to play. The young woman didn’t immediately check her ticket and thought no more about it, until she heard her colleagues say that a winner had been spotted in the store she had been to.

She wins the jackpot
Upon hearing the news, Juliette decided to check her ticket. Seeing the amount she had won, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Indeed, the young student won the Lottery jackpot which amounted to 48 million Canadian dollars, or 32 million euros.

“My colleague fell to his knees in disbelief,” she said. He was screaming, in fact, everyone was screaming that I had won $48 million!”

By winning this sum, the millionaire student became the youngest winner of such a large jackpot in Canada. With this money, Juliette wants to continue her studies and organize a trip with her family next summer.

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