The longest resident of the shelter falls asleep smiling after discovering a family

Petey, the cheerful rescue dog, faced challenges during his stay at a county shelter in North Carolina. Despite being just one-year-old, he had become the longest resident at the shelter due to capacity issues and a lack of prospective adopters. To provide Petey with more time to find a family, the shelter reached out to the SPCA of Wake County for assistance.

The SPCA gladly accepted Petey into their care. Despite his prolonged stay at the previous shelter, Petey showed no signs of depression. Instead, he was full of joy upon meeting his new friends at the SPCA. His outgoing and playful nature surprised the SPCA officials, considering how overlooked he had been in the past.

As soon as Petey arrived at the SPCA, they posted his photo on their website, hoping he wouldn’t be disregarded again. However, within a few weeks, someone fell in love with Petey and knew he belonged with them. After a month at the SPCA, Petey was adopted by his forever family, ending his extended stay in the shelter.

Petey quickly adjusted to his new home, enjoying the company of his human siblings and puppy brother. He showers his family with hugs, kisses, and enjoys playing fetch in the backyard. At the end of the day, Petey curls up in his cozy bed, falling asleep with a big grin on his face, knowing he’s finally home.

Petey’s story sheds light on the issue of long-term shelter residents, like the eight to ten puppies who have been waiting for their forever homes at the SPCA of Wake County for nearly a year. However, the SPCA staff remains optimistic that these dogs, just like Petey, will find their loving families and deserve a happy ending.

“We’re rooting for them to find their people. That’s what they deserve,” said Samantha Ranlet, spokesperson for the SPCA of Wake County.

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