This couple owns 22 Airbnb properties and earns $1.3 million a year

This couple from California left everything two years ago to devote themselves full-time to their 22 rental properties on Airbnb. Today, the couple makes just over $1 million a year.

Sara and Tony Robinson left their roles at Tesla and iHeartRadio, respectively, two years ago to manage their portfolio of 22 vacation rental properties. A choice that paid off since the couple earns a very good living.

According to the documents that the American site Insider was able to obtain from the couple, Sara and Tony earn each year 1.3 million dollars for their rentals located mainly in Tennessee and California.

In addition to this productive activity, the couple gives advice on building an Airbnb empire (on renovating a property, how to handle a disrespectful customer, etc.). On his Youtube channel, The Real Estate Robinsons, the couple is followed by 36,000 enthusiasts. While their two Instagram accounts have 80,000 subscribers.

The couple of entrepreneurs is so active that they even give conferences and provide coaching courses to manage an Airbnb rental.

Sara and Tony now see further and bigger. Enough to leave the platform, which they have been considering for some time. ” We just want a little more control over how we run our business ,” they said in one of their videos titled ” We’re Leaving Airbnb .”

The Californians explain that they feel limited by the online rental platform which pockets 3% fees (or more depending on the case) to its hosts for each transaction. The 30-year-old couple would like to become more independent and be able to manage their rentals as they see fit if the platform were to change its policy rules or its algorithm.

Their next mission, to get their reservations through their personal site and create even more content on their various social networks.

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