After escaping the slaughterhouse, a donkey spends happy days in an Ehpad

Promised to the slaughterhouse, a donkey has found a loving refuge in an Ehpad located in Calvados. And the least we can say is that the quadruped could not have fallen better.

“Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get . ” This quote from the movie “Forest Gump” perfectly illustrates the life of Canel, a donkey who almost lost her life.

As reported by Orne Combattante, the mammal was destined for the slaughterhouse after the death of its former owners. But fate had prepared another plan for the equine.

Indeed, the animal was collected in May 2022 by an Ehpad in Condé-en-Normandie (Calvados). An initiative that is part of a therapeutic approach with animals, specifies the weekly newspaper.

And the least we can say is that the twenty-year-old animal quickly found its marks among cats, doves and even fish. Unsurprisingly, Canel’s arrival fills residents and staff with joy.

It must be said that the donkey – which occupies an enclosure in the garden of the establishment – has an endearing personality. His daily life is punctuated by sessions of grooming and cuddling and other pampering.

“She is very docile and not shy. It is even she who comes to see the residents , ”says Catherine Dubroca, in charge of animation at the Ehpad to the information site. As you will have understood, Canel is enjoying happy days in her loving new home.

Today, the retirement home would like to welcome other animals with the aim of creating an educational farm: “Our residents are often from the rural world and like to take care of animals “, explains the facilitator.

All’s well That ends well !

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